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Words separated by a space are searched for together (mailing list). To find either one word or the other, separate them with a comma (mailing,list). To find two words together in the same file, separate them with a semicolon (mailing;list). Note that all spaces are significant; searching for two words separated by a space will not find those two words separated by anything other than a single space.
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Case sensitiveCheck this box if you want to find only matches having the exact case as your input. With this, a search for Mailing would not find mailing.
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Single line matchCheck this if you want all terms of your search to be found on the same line. With this, a search for mailing;list will only find documents with both mailing and list on the same line.
Restrict matched filesCheck this if you want to restrict the search to a specific month or set of months. If not checked, the search will span all of the archives.
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Misspellings allowed.Words can be found even if they are misspelled. Set this to the number of errors allowed in each match. With this set to 1 a search for mailling will find mailing but not maling. Note that misspelled matches are not highlighted in the search results.
Max. files returned.This limits the number of matching files that will be reported in the search results.
Max. matches per file.This limits the number of matching lines that will be found in a single file. Set this to 0 if you only want to find matching files.

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