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[CTSim-Users] Fedora Core 4.

Thanks for the notes, Ian.

Ian Kay wrote:
> 1./ There's a place in ctsim's configure.ac where  libwxgtk-gl-2.4 is
> hardcoded.  So using version wxgtk-2.6 is going to cause problems.

I'll update that after Debian adds wxgtk-2.6. It's possible that there
are incompatibilities with wxWidgets 2.4 and 2.6, so that CTSim *may*
not be compatibile with 2.6

> 2./ As well, `wx-config --cflags` is called in the configure utilities,
> but the info doesn't seem to make it into the make files.  The
> -I/usr/local/blah/blah/blah doesn't appear when you actually get around
> to compiling. I can't figure out quite how that works, so

Eventually, that gets incorporated as AC_SUBST(ctlibs) in the
configure.ac file.

> 3./ I manually edited the makefiles and put the proper flags into CFLAGS
> That resolved the include file problems, but now I get

I don't have include file problems on Debian with the straight CTSim.

> 4./ I noticed that ctsim-4.3.3 appeared on the 15th of August, so I used
> that version for these tests.  (There's nothing in the change log about
> differences from 4.3.1 though.) 

Just some minor warning fixes for the manual pages. The actual
changelog description is in debian/changelog, but that file doesn't
get included in the generic upstream tarball.
> 5./ I also notice that aclocal-1.7 is used in the do-autoconf script.
> The current version is 1.9.  I do have 1.7 installed though.  Do you
> think this might be a problem?

Possibly, new versions of autoconf/automake typically have some
backward incompatibilities. That's why Debian includes versions
1,4, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9 to handle configure.{in,ac} which may not work with
newer versions. OTOH, I've never tired version 1.9 and it may work


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