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[CTSim-Users] Fedora Core 4.

Dan Martin wrote:
> I'm new to using Linux as a development platform - in fact I recently 
> installed Fedora Core 4 with the idea of having a fresh platform, 
> dependencies controlled by yum, to install ctsim and get it running. 
> Autoconf is something completely new to me, so I hope there is not too 
> much tweaking involved of the files used to create the makefiles.

For a Linux development platform, you'd likely do better with Ubuntu
or Debian. As a benefit, you can install ctsim and all of it's
dependencies as simply as typing: "apt-get install ctsim"

> How did you get ctsim running on FC4?

Sorry, never used FC4.

> fftw.i386 2.1.5-8
> gcc.i386 4.0.2-8.fc4
> lam.i386 7.1.1-7.FC4
> libpng.i386 1.2.8-2
> perl.i386 5.8.6-22
> readline.i386 5.0-3
> wxGTK.i386 2.4.2-12 (GTK2)
> zlib.i386

You might want to remove lam. Back when I used redhat, around RH
version 7, the standard redhat lam package caused some ctsim
compilation problems.

> I downloaded ctsim-4.4.2 and ran configure, no options. I ran make from 
> the root folder in the source tree, and setup.h could not be found. I 
> discovered setup.h in
> /usr/lib/wx/include/gtk2-2.4/wx/
> and copied it to
> /usr/include/wx/

If ctsim's configure didn't find wxGTK, then the compilation will be
incorrect. Moving .h files is not a good way to work around this.

> Then there was an error because __WXGTK__ was undefined.
> setup.h contained the statements
> #define __WXGTK12__ 1
> #define __WXGTK20__ 1
> so I added
> #define __WXGTK__ 1

Similarly, modifying setup.h is not a good fix either.

> This allowed compilation to ctsim.o and docs.o, but there were errors 
> compiling views.cpp

The errors you listed are become ctsim's SGP files and headers are not
being included.

> I have a feeling that this has to do with a missing header file or a 
> fussy GCC 4 compiler not seeing part of the header.
> Has anyone encountered similar problems?

I believe the problem was that configure didn't recognize your wxGTK
files. I don't think header files are the problem.
Kevin Rosenberg

Please send sugestions and comments to kevin@ctsim.org.