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[CTSim-Users] SNARK05 is released!

Gabor Herman wrote:
> SNARK05 (a programming system for 2D image
> reconstruction from projections, a much 
> revised and updated version of SNARK93)
> is now available, see http://www.snark05.com/

Hi Gabor,

That's a great upgrade! I imagine some of the CTSim users would be
quite interested in your package. For CTSim users you are not familiar
with SNARK, it's written and maintained Gabor Herman, a world leader
in CT mathematics. In fact, it was Gabor's book, Image Reconstructions
from Projections (circa 1980), that inspired the very first version of
CTSim in 1983 using my 8086 IBM PC.[1]

I highly recommend SNARK for anyone interested in computed tomography.


[1] Historical note: my very first reconstruction using CTSim took 68
hours. The very next day I bought an 8087 numeric coprocessor and
wrote a C interface for it. The same reconstruction now takes only

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