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[CTSim-Users] Fedora Core 4.


Thanks for the advice.  I think the lam package still may be causing 
some problems.

For those interested in running ctsim on Fedora Core 4, however, it 
installs quite nicely using the --without-lam option.  I had problems 
previously because I was using the wxGTK2 package for Fedora.  Using the 
wxGTK package (without the '2') everything installs fine.

Unfortunately, I will have to solve the problem of using lam eventually, 
because the cluster available to me this spring will have FC4 and 
lam-7.1.1, the same platform I'm running on my PC.  Not my choice.  I 
can't afford my own 8-node cluster.

Kevin Rosenberg wrote:

> You might want to remove lam. Back when I used redhat, around RH
>version 7, the standard redhat lam package caused some ctsim
>compilation problems.
>>I downloaded ctsim-4.4.2 and ran configure, no options. I ran make from 
>>the root folder in the source tree, and setup.h could not be found. I 
>>discovered setup.h in
>>and copied it to
>If ctsim's configure didn't find wxGTK, then the compilation will be
>incorrect. Moving .h files is not a good way to work around this.


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