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[CTSim-Users] Install Problem with CTSim 4.5.3

Graham Jenkins wrote:
> I'm experiencing some difficulty compiling the above on a Scientific
> Linux 5 machine on an x86_64 platform with wxwidgets (X11) 2.8.4.
> ./configure .. successfully finds wx-config .. but doesn't actually
> write anything about the ws library and include files in any of its
> resultant Makefiles.

OK, got around this one by doing:

   export CFLAGS=`wx-config --cflags` CXXFLAGS=`wx-config --cppflags` \
          CPPFLAGS=`wx-config --cppflags` LIBS=`wx-config --libs`

But the make breaks with:

views.cpp: In member function ?virtual void PhantomFileView::OnDraw(wxDC*)?:
views.cpp:2432: error: variable ?SGPDriver driver? has initializer but
incomplete type
views.cpp:2433: error: variable ?SGP sgp? has initializer but incomplete
views.cpp:2435: error: ?C_RED? was not declared in this scopectsim
views.cpp:2436: error: ?const class Phantom? has no member named ?show?

Doesn't make much difference whether I use wxwidgets-2.8.4 or -2.4.2 ..
except I have to hack ctsimm.cpp (get rid of 'wxHIDE_READONLY |') with
the former.

So .. what's this SGP driver thing, can we tell the Makefile to ignore it??

Graham Jenkins
Senior Software Specialist, E-Research

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