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[CTSim-Users] compile problems with ctsim.

  • Subject: [CTSim-Users] compile problems with ctsim.
  • From: iankay at cancerboard.ab.ca (Ian Kay)
  • Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 18:07:52 -0700

Given the postings on the 22nd and 28th regarding compile problems I tried upgrading ctsim to 4.5.5 on my  computer running Fedora 8.

I noted the errors described in the posting on Nov 27th,  regarding wx/wxprec.h, etc.   Luis did not specify what platform he was using.

My  diagnosis, at least for Fedora is that ctsim's configure script is expecting wxWindows version 2.4.  Fedora is using wxWindows version 2.8 and backward compatibility packages for version 2.6.  But no 2.4 is available in the repositories.  The wx-config program has had name changes with newer versions. The names of the libraries has also changed, and this too will break the configure script.

I downloaded and built version 2.4 and then successfully compiled ctsim. 
Perhaps the configure script was somehow overriding his specification of the --includedir==/usr/include/wx???  I notice that /usr/include/wx doesn't appear on his g++ command line that he posted.

However,  on another machine I have, also running Fedora 8, I can not build wxGTK or wxAll.  I get a compile error which did not appear on what I thought was an identical machine.   I'll investigate further. 
Unfortunately for Manuela's problem (posted Nov 22nd) this is not the solution.  That compilation command clearly used version gtk-2.4. 
I do recall having a similar problem some time ago; compiling would fail in views.cpp.  I think that the SGP library wasn't being build properly.  I think that something I was specifying in the configure command wasn't turning on building of the library in the Makefile.   I also have a recollection that I could go to the directory libctgraphics and build the library manually and then things worked.
Hope that is of some help.

Ian K. 

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